We love graceful, uncomplicated design that just feels right, works right, looks great-now and in 50 years- from a piece of furniture, to a room, to a house, to a city.

Our architecture uses materials in compelling, inventive ways that are cost effective and transcendent.

We take the particular constraints-physical, financial, and programmatic-of each project to generate opportunities to create architecture that embodies the goals of each project.

We use evolving software technologies, spatial explorations-physical and digital, knowledge of established and new building practices, material investigations, intense analysis, and systematic compilation of project benchmark data, to bring projects from concept to reality.

In terms of the environment, we believe in being part of the solution, we believe in integrating energy efficiency and sustainable technologies at all scales be it an interior renovation or an entire building.

Rodríguez Studio is a widely published firm with offices in NYC. Founded in 2004, our work includes adaptive re-use of buildings and spaces particularly in the residential and retail sectors and our theoretical work includes high performance ground up homes, public works, and master planning.